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Possibly the lamest trilogy of all time…

I don’t know if you’ve been following my Bumblebee and Wasp Saga but if you have, good news! It has now just turned into a trilogy.

(And if you haven’t, you can read the first part here and the second part here).

But just to sum up real quick, my back porch has been taken over by a bumblebee and a wasp who are not only working in CAHOOTS to keep me away from my own rightful property, but who have also given my dog PTSD after a disastrous attempt to take it back.

Well, recently it’s been quite rainy, so both sides retreated back to their respective base camps for the past week or so. Today, however, is an absolutely gorgeous day so, figuring they had either died (how long can their life spans be anyway?) or found someone else in the neighborhood to torture, I decided to go enjoy the sunshine on MY back porch.

But just as I was about to open the porch door, I looked up and saw this staring back at me through the glass:


Better yet, my dog, who was happily about to follow me out, also saw them glaring at us from the other side of the door. And when he did, he quickly backed up, ran out of the kitchen and is currently quivering on my bed.

Now, if I was a real adult, I’d just go out there with a broom or possibly a grenade and kill the little bastards. End this ridiculous stand-off.

But I’m not. And so instead, I slowly backed away, grabbed a napkin and waved it in the air.

And consequently, I will be spending my entire summer indoors.

Well played, Nature. Well played.