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Love is a battlefield, indeed



Honesty is the best policy… until it isn’t



As it turns out, it is the little things


Let’s hear it for the boys…

father0 father1 father2 father3 father4 father5 father6 father7 father8 father9 father10 father11 father12 father13 father14 father15 father16

How to take the perfect selfie with your baby

selfie1 selfie2 selfie3 selfie4 selfie5 selfie6 selfie7 selfie8 selfie9 selfie10 selfie11 selfie12

The morning routine…

morning 0 morning 1 morning 2 morning 3 morning 4 morning 5 morning 6 morning 7 morning 8 morning 9 morning 10 morning 11 morning 12 morning 13

How I feel when someone asks me to watch their laptop at Starbucks

starbucks 1starbucks 2Starbucks 3starbucks 4starbucks 5starbucks 6starbucks 7starbucks 8starbucks 9starbucks 10starbucks 11starbucks 12