On the sixth day of December, Christmas gave to me…

Sore muscles.

From dragging home a half-priced, pre-lit, artificial white Christmas tree.

That weighed 57.4 pounds.

By foot.

Half a mile.

Because apparently I think I’m Wonder Woman and therefore don’t need to wait for my husband to get home with the car.

And so I dragged it.

And then schlepped it on my back.

And then tried to carry it.

And then I tried to bribe a hobo with $10 to finish carrying it to my house, but he just laughed. Apparently inflation has even hit the transient community.

Anyway, long story short, it hurt to wash my hair this morning. My coffee mug feels like it weighs 1,000 pounds. And I’m currently typing via the T-rex arms method (laptop pulled close to my abdomen, elbows tucked in at my side, wimpy little forearms dangling helplessly as my fingers strain to hit all the keys).

Only 19 more days to go…

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