Meat, Muppets and other things to be thankful for

Well, stuff my arse and call me a turkey. Thanksgiving has finally rolled around again. It seems like only a year ago we were celebrating this holiday and BOOM! Here it is all over again.

Thanksgiving has always been one of my favorite holidays, mainly because it is based around my No. 1 favorite activity of eating and drinking way too much and then napping (and then waking up to eat pie and drink some more). There is none of that pressure to buy gifts, or hand out candy to miniature beggars dressed as Dora the Explorer, or search for eggs hidden by a giant rabbit.

Plus, I’ve always been the kind of person who thinks we don’t give enough thanks in our daily lives, especially for the little things. I mean, have you guys ever had bacon? That little product alone deserves epic poems of praise dedicated to it with every single bite.

And as such, I’ve created a list this year of the little things in my life that I am thankful for this year.


The Muppets are making a comeback.

Leggings are still in style, making fat days for chicks everywhere a little less horrible.

Thanks to her 72-day sham marriage, there is finally a backlash against Kim Kardashian.

Eggnog is socially acceptable to drink for breakfast again.

I am wicked close to convincing my friend who is hosting Thanksgiving dinner this year to serve turducken (chicken stuffed into a duck stuffed into a turkey).

Angry Birds.

People who use proper grammar and spelling on their Facebook posts and limit their exclamatory statements to only one exclamation point!!!

There exists a product called the Forever Lazy, which is essentially footie pajamas for adults (complete with butt flap).

Discovering the short-lived TV show “Kitchen Confidential” starring Bradley Cooper is on DVD (with nine unaired episodes!).

Speaking of which, Bradley Cooper…just in general.

The fact that my parole is finally up (just kidding…I have three more months).

I live in a world where my dog can have his own Twitter account (@BuffytheMaleDog).

Pauly Shore has stopped making movies.

Hats with ears designed to make you look like a kitty or a bear.

The fact that even though I’m 30, I have no shame and will wear hats with ears designed to make me look like a kitty or a bear.

Reading books that make you laugh out loud in public.


Oxygen (the element, not the channel).

Pumpkin-based beer.

My brother still bear hugs me and calls me Sissy even though he’s now 13 and like, kind of totally too cool for that.

People who realize Wikipedia is not a reliable source of information.

This blog has 46 subscribers, three of which I am not immediately related to.

Knowing a person like Joss Whedon exists in the world.

Thanks to the prolific amount of recently released zombie movies and books, the American people are more prepared than ever for the eventual zombie apocalypse.

The fact that when my husband was surfing movies on Zune last night and asked me “What was that one movie with Sean Penn we couldn’t rent but we could buy and it was about grave robbers?” I instantly knew he meant Simon Pegg in “Burke and Hare.”

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

5 responses to “Meat, Muppets and other things to be thankful for

  1. Alex from germany

    “Reading books that make you laugh out loud in public.” – signed
    “Knowing a person like Joss Whedon exists in the world.” – signed
    “…the American people are more prepared than ever for the eventual zombie apocalypse.” – double signed
    And I would like to add: the fact that obviously every zombie attack that could ever happen at any thinkable circumstances will for some reason occur in the united states and nowhere else.
    Survival tip No.1: When zombies attack, take the next plane to europe and you are safe. 😉

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

  2. Yeah me, I am not realated to you (of course I mean that I subscribe to your blog and I am one of the three people not related to you. Not that being related to you would be a bad thing, but then I would not feel honored that you wrote about me in your blog.)

    I miss your wit and humor down here. I hope you, Ryan and Buffy have a wonderful and safe Thanksgiving!

  3. Thanks for the zombie tips, Al. After the zombies are eventually defeated, I fully plan to make you my vice president once I come back from Europe and take over the USA as dictator. 🙂

    And thanks, Melinda. I miss you guys down there too. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your 500 dogs.

  4. AS always April, you seem to read the minds of your other three readers and put them into words. YET, if you watched the latest Resident Evil you will see that infection has indeed made it to China and the safe place is a big ole ship in Alaska. Furr’s is our dinner of choice for Thanksgiving, I have not tried Pumpkin beer so thank you for trying that for me. I must visity Buffy’s twitter account because I”m sure she’s as witty as you. We love and miss you here in texas where the weather is a balm 70 degrees.
    Happy Thanksgiving!!

  5. Well, it’s currently a mild 40 degrees here so…yeah, try to contain your jealousy. 🙂

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