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I apologize in advance for this post

So, originally today I was going to write about how much it sucks when you’re broke and have to make a budget. 1. Because it lets me procrasinate from actually working on my own budget. And 2. Um…OK, I just wanted to procrasinate.  

There is truly nothing more depressing than writing out exactly where all your hard earned money is going and realizing just how pathetically broke your ass is. But it really is something every mature, responsible adult should do at the end of every month, especially when you realize “Crap! We don’t have enough money for rent! Or BEER!!! Again!”

And while I’m sure making a budget sucks for everyone (I guarantee even Trump is sometimes like “I’m spending how much on caviar and baby seal hearts!?!) I think for me this process is even more depressing than it is for your average normal broke-ass person, simply because it sheds way too much light on my priorities. For example:

Not to mention, the only thing worse than making a budget is writing about making a budget.

Sooooo…instead I’m gonna write about today being NATIONAL BUBBLE WRAP DAY! YAY!

Yup, today is National Bubble Wrap Day.

And I think we can all agree that bubble wrap is awesome.

So…poppy. And whatnot.


Bubble wrap.

Fun times.

OK, yeah, if you guys would have had to pay to read this post, I’d totally give you your money back right now.

But since you didn’t, please enjoy the humorous video posted below so your entire trip here hasn’t been a complete waste:

[WARNING: Very bad words are involved…but, you know, in a classy way]