You have to choose your battles

battles1 battles2 battles3 battles4 battles5 battles6 battles7

7 responses to “You have to choose your battles

  1. It’s depressing how many of my days seems to end like this these days >.< I never thought I'd be reduced to tears by an uneaten piece of toast.. Sigh

  2. MADE MY DAY!!!! I was battling between him wanting to throw flip flops off the top of the stairs wearing only his beanie hat and wellington boots…vs getting dressed and going to creche… sigh xx

  3. OMGGGGGG. It’s a blessing and a curse to live with Bowie. I love her dearly, but god damnit, sometimes……….. Just no patience. I was downstairs earlier today, super exhausted and just beat, and she kept asking me over and over and over if I could make her some tea, and I really didn’t want to, but this kid would just not STOP asking me for some god damned tea until I just got up and was like FINE BOWIE I’LL MAKE YOU SOME TEA OKAY?!?!!?! HERE I GO MAKING YOU SOME TEA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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