The varying shelf life of batteries

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5 responses to “The varying shelf life of batteries

  1. OMG yes. We had a Furby thing that made this ungodly sound, and it WOULD NOT DIE. The kids left it outside after a while, and we would occasionally be waked up by its evil noise at 2 am when something set it off. For YEARS. And then there was the baby doll with a battery-operated voice thing stuffed into a pocket on her tummy. I was SO not sad when the voice thing fell into the toilet one day. There was no attempt to dry it off and try to save it, I can assure you.

  2. The JellyFish

    Lol! There’s definitely a few toys I’m not ashamed to say I’ve considered ‘accidentally’ throwing into a tub full of water to short circuit it since the batteries never seem to die!

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