How I lost all the baby weight (and then some)

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3 responses to “How I lost all the baby weight (and then some)

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  2. Awwwwww!!!! I remember one day when Bowie was younger I came home from work and Adriana just looked STRESSED OUT. Bowie was being super fussy and Adriana hadn’t had time to eat or do anything that day and all she was trying to do was eat this little bowl of beans she had somehow found time to heat up for like 20 seconds and just when she was about to put the first spoonful into her mouth, Bowie reached over and slapped it away, then slapped the bowl out of her hands and the bowl of beans came crashing down to the floor, spilling everywhere. Adriana just stared down at the spilled beans and sobbed. IT WAS ALL SHE HAD AND BOWIE RUINED IT ALL.

    It was truly heartbreaking.

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