Words that need to die, Vol. 2

words-mancave1 words-mancave2 words-mancave3 words-mancave4

words-hotmess1 words-hotmess2 words-hotmess3 words-hotmess4

words-exclamation1 words-exclamation2 words-exclamation3 words-exclamation4 words-exclamation5

words-epic1 words-epic2 words-epic3 words-epic4 words-epic5 words-epic6

6 responses to “Words that need to die, Vol. 2

  1. Lady Prichard of the Crimson Sky

    But my hubby does have a ManCave. It’s dark as hell in there too. You should see his sword collection. It’s EPIC. 😛

  2. I am pretty sure the term “man cave” was not coined by a man. Ugh. I hate that one so much,

  3. Hubby. Hubby is the worst word ever. Ever. Also: preggo, preggers and bestie.

  4. Yes, “awesome” and “epic” are passe. I propose we replace these superlatives with a new one: Splendiferous! This has the advantage of being both ridiculous and an actual word. As you popularize “splendiferous,” please credit my input. Thank you.

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