Update on the Zombie Spider Apocalypse…

Just wanted to let those of you who read my last blog post know that after killing the zombie spider that had taken up residence in my home THREE times on THREE separate occasions, there have been no other further sightings.

And, as to any question whether or not it was actually three spiders I was dealing with or if it was indeed the same spider, I can now officially say it WAS, in fact, a zombie spider. After the last time I killed it, I’d double-check that his corpse was still in the same spot every 15 minutes for the next six hours (don’t you judge me) until my husband came home and got rid of the body.

Apparently while human zombies can only be defeated by chopping or blasting off their heads, spider zombies cannot re-animate after being flushed down the toilet.

So, suck it, zombie spider. I hope you rot in zombie spider HELL.

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