Hoo-wee! Guess who’s writin’ for a fancy city publication

It’s official. I’m syndicated. I am now writing for two…count ’em…TWO publications.

Granted, I’m barely getting paid for either, but then again, you pay what you get for (or something like that).

So now, just in case this random blog that I sporadically update with posts that have absolutely nothing in common, and my bi-weekly Victoria Advocate columns (that also have absolutely nothing in common), aren’t enough for you, you can catch my new weekly column, The Trolley Trollop, at DigBoston.com (which is all about my fun adventures in Boston…or, at least the ones I can somewhat coherently remember).

And to think my high school Spanish teacher told me I’d be barefoot and pregnant and not worth a thing (even though it was much more evident I’d be a boozy unemployed writer).

You can read my first column, “New In Town” here.

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