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The question that has been on all your minds…

I know. I know!

And let me just say, first of all, that I am so sorry to have kept you all in suspense. I can’t even begin to imagine how hard it has been for everyone to move on with their daily lives while having to wonder…just how the hell did Aprill celebrate St. Patrick’s Day?

I know. I know! Here I am, a big boozer, living in one of the biggest boozin’ cities in the world, during the biggest booze day of the year and selfishly keeping all my shenanigans to myself. But…BUT… in my defense, one, I just got over my hangover. (Bad for my liver. Awesome for stories I will never, EVER tell my children…unless I’m drunk and they ask me). And two, I was saving it all for my DigBoston.com column (which I have conveniently linked for you here).

But don’t worry. I haven’t left you completely without anything. Below I’ve posted my St. Patrick’s Day weekend accomplishments and failures in a handy-dandy little graphic:

And here’s some wicked fun photos I took from the world-famous Boston parade: