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It’s an honor just to be nominated…

Well, well, well…looks like my incoherent ramblings and random alcohol-based musings have finally paid off. I, dear readers, have been nominated for a…drumroll, please…


Never heard of it? Well, hell, neither have I. But I fully intend to act superior to all I encounter because of it.

Apparently there are rules, however, to this. To accept this award after you’ve been nominated, you have to:

Thank and link to the person that nominated you

Share seven random facts about yourself

Pass this award on to 15 new blogging friends

Contact and congratulate the awarded bloggers

And so, never one to be above accepting an award I’ve never heard of…

Thanks to the fellas at The Throwdown for nominating me and hating Emily Dickinson as much as I do.

Seven random facts:

1. While most people have a fruit and veggie drawer in their fridge, I have a cheese drawer. And if it gets too low, I have a panic attack.

2. I once tried to quit smoking but started back up again after punching that baby in the face.

3. I once pretended to be pregnant to get a seat on the subway (thank you, beer bloat).

4.  I turned 30 in June and intend on being 30 for a long time…perhaps even for years.

5. I have been puke-free since 2003.

6. I love sweatpants and really, really wish they could become a wardrobe staple outside of Wal-Mart.

7. I have a friend who once smoked a bong with Tracy Morgan and somehow simply because of proximity, I feel that makes me cooler.

My nominations:

Hyperbole and a Half: This chick has made me laugh so hard, I peed a little…OK, a lot.

Sweetandweak: Great musings on the awesome stuff life brings…and also the anti-awesome.

The Rotted Apple: Humorous and slightly bitter…which always makes for the best writing.

Young Notions: A funny couple doing funny stuff.

The Compost Heap: A mom who blogs…but not, you know, one of those mommy bloggers that make you feel bad for not buying your baby all organic, gluten free, free range carrots in a jar.

Will Date For Free Food: The title alone is enough for me to nominate this blog.

Wisecrack Zodiac: Finally! Someone at last has made horoscopes worth reading.

40 months pregnant and a glass of wine later: Read it. Just trust me. Read it.

Inside Out and Backwards: Kickass blog by a kickass chick.

All The Things That I’ve Found: And what a treasure trove it is.

Snide Reply: Making the blogosphere a more amusing place.

Dear Optimists: What can I say? I’m a sucker for funny people doing funny drawings.

The Laughing Housewife: Not just a clever title.

The Jackie Blog: Blogging every day? Now that deserves an award in and of itself.

Following Funny: Finding the humor…in everything.