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This (Me!) post is (Me!) all (Me!) about (Me!) blogging…

We in the blogger world love anything that distracts us from actually writing a legit post with substance. For instance, last year someone nominated me for a Versatile Blogger Award, of which the rules were I had to also nominate other bloggers for the award.

And I played along. It’s fun. However, you guys know how inherently lazy I am (*she says typing this while still in yoga pants at 7 p.m. even though she has done nothing even resembling yoga today*). But when a blogger friend comes to you again and says “Answer these questions and then tag 11 other people and write questions for them and then have them answer those questions!” you rise up to the occasion and respond with a hearty “Well, I’ll do the first part…I got 45 minutes to kill before ‘The Office’!”

Because I am, if anything, a reluctant participant in life. (And who knows? I may get around to tagging other bloggers to play later…once I find a break in my VERY busy TV-watching schedule).

So, my dear thesilentsoul, I have answered your questions. Mainly because I like your blog, you are one of three people I don’t actually know who takes the time to read my crap and also, you live in the UK, which makes you, like, 1,000 times cooler than me.

And so, without further ado:

1. If you could have been born at any other time in history when would it have been?

The 1920’s. But only if I was upper-middle class or full-blown rich. Pretty sure that time sucked for everyone else.

2. What’s your ultimate cheery-up thing to do when you’re down?

Drink. But then again, that is also my ultimate thing to do when I’m happy as well. And bored. And Tuesday.

3. If your life was turned into a movie who would you like to see playing the part of you?

When I played this game in college, all my roommates agreed: It should be Eliza Dushku. But if I was picking? Keira Knightley. Because in my head I’m tall, thin and have an awesome British accent.

4. If you could go back in your history and be any age again, which age would you chose and why?

30. The age I am now. God, was I stupid back then.

5. If your entire DVD collection was confiscated, which DVD would you chose to keep?

“Annie Hall” (but I’d stuff the “Star Wars” trilogy in my underwear when the confiscators weren’t looking)

6. What 3 things would you take if you were banished to a desert island for the rest of your life?

  1. The Complete Works of Shakespeare
  2. Wine. Like, a lot.
  3. Ryan Reynolds.

7. What’s the best book you’ve read?

That’d be like picking my favorite child…if, you know, I had children. Which I don’t. But I’m sure when I do I’ll love them the same. Unless one really, really sucks. Usually my favorite book is whatever I am currently reading…unless it really, really sucks.

8. If you were eaten by a shark would you expect someone to hunt the shark down?

My dog Buffy. But mainly because he’d be pissed he was denied that honor himself when I dropped dead and no one found my body for three days.

9. If a genie offered you the choice of a million pounds or a guaranteed healthy and happy life, which would you take?

I’d do something wicked clever that would ensure I got both…which as soon as I figure out, I’ll tell you.

10. What’s you’re favourite pudding?

Figgy. Cause it’s the only pudding cool enough to have a famous song about it.

11. If you could have any animal in the world as a pet (assuming you had as much space as you needed to keep it) what would you choose?

A direwolf. (Goddamn you, George R.R. Martin).