6 responses to “I feel like my life is buffering

  1. With all that technology I’m going to start calling you my rich friend! The cell phone I’m using right now is so old, I don’t even think it has a fancy name and definitely no data plan. Big Baller!

  2. Hmm…now that you mention it, the fancy new phone could be why I have to eat Ramen for 90 percent of my meals and why my office chair is currently composed of more duct tape than actual chair at this point.

  3. I have been sooo busy that I had put off my mwr (min weekly req) of Aprill. My sense of humor was emaciated. My irony was dried up and withered. Suddenly, after just one delight-full blogpost, I’m all flexible (but not bendy) again!
    We who live in the 3G ghettos are delighted to see one of our own move up into the 4G community. Please don’t forget us and get all hoity-toity. Well, maybe a little hoity but DEFINITELY not toity.

    We love you, Aprill Brandon. Our lives are so much more delightful with you and your artistic endeavors in it!

  4. *blushes* I love you guys too, Dennis.

  5. I own a droid (personal) and iPhone (work). The droid os is so far superior and intuitive to me, it’s not even funny. Good choice.

  6. “We want our nostalgia and we want it NOW, which is why we take photos of what we ate for breakfast with a filter that makes it look like it was taken in 1943 so that we can feel nostalgic about it by lunch.”
    What a great observation! Congratulations on your new phone, and for not joining the cult of the iPhone.

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